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LEGO® Batman™ 1.0

Lego's adaptation of Batman's TV Show with a whole new story
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Ever since I was a little kid, I always liked to play with Legos. They really fascinated me. Now that I'm a grown up, it called my attention that Warner Brothers began developing computer games with nice graphics for children. Even though I'm not crazy with the idea of small kids playing computer for long hours, this will be a nice entertainment for them, despite the fact that this 5th delivery from Lego is not as funny as it's predecessors because of the lack of many the gags that we enjoyed in other Lego Video Games. However, the game is very good. Lego Batman uses the same visual and telling mode as in Adam West's TV show from the 60's. The cinematics are loaded with the classic punches with the same classical aesthetics, but the story has nothing to do with the early TV show. The screenplay is not based in any picture, comic book or TV show, but rather, it is written completely by Traveler Tales, inspired in the classic characters from Batman's Universe. The game also respects perfectly Lego's franchise, which has made Lego's games a series of success after success. The playability is very good no matter which side the player has choosen: the good guys or the bad ones. These two parts make the whole part of the game. I'm sure that this game will be enjoyed by children and grownups alike.

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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  • Amusing, nice graphics


  • It is not as funny as other Lego games
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